Programma ESSR symposium donderdag 15 juni 14:30-17:30

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Erica Bakkum, Richard ten Broek

The burden of adhesion (15 min)
Prof. Dr. Harry van Goor

Overview of adhesion related complications and state-of-the-art in adhesions prevention

Adhesion research from animal models to human studies (15 min)
Sebastiaan van Steensel
There are many animal studies performed in adhesion research that costs a lot of investments. However, there appear to be a large translational gap because many intervention that seemed promising in animals did not work in human

The patient outcome: Fertility (15 min)
To be announced
Adhesions are encountered regularly during surgery for endometriosis and fertility problems. The adhesion-related outcomes that really matter to the patients in fertility surgery.

Non-invasive diagnosis of adhesions (15 min)
Richard ten Broek
In this lecture dr. ten Broek will give an overview of new techniques for radiological diagnosis of adhesions , and how radiological diagnosis can help us to provide better treatment to the patient.

Adhesion prevention: beyond the barrier (15 min)
Dr. Lynne Robertson
Dr. Robertson will give an overview of the pathophysiology of adhesions and how understanding pathophysiology has led her and her scientific team into new ideas for adhesion prevention.

Best Abstract Competition (15 min)
Quickshot presentations of the best research abstracts regarding adhesions from this congress
1. An experimental adhesiogenic model to evaluate histological events over time in the omentum during adhesion formation By: V. Gómez-Gil
2. Post-surgical adhesion prevention – an experimental treatment of Diclofenac on different postoperative days By: J.H. Hammerschlag
3. Impact of peritoneal adhesions on incision to delivery interval in caesarean section By: J. Metzemaekers
4. Adhesion prevention post-caesarian section By: M. Rimmer

Coffee break 16.00- 16.30

Video session 16.30- 17.30

Elective adhesiolysis for chronic pain (15 min)
Dr. Martijn Stommel
In this video dr. Stommel will present a new technique for elective adhesiolysis for chronic pain. Prevention of adhesions is key to improve long-term results.

Diagnosis adhesions on cineMRI- wiesje (10 min)
Dr. Richard ten Broek
In addition to the previous lecture dr. ten Broek will demonstrate patient footages of cineMRI and how adhesions are visualized on these scans.

Laparoscopic treatment of small bowel obstruction (15 min)
dr. Salomone di Saverio/ dr. Arianna Birindelli
Dr. di Saverio and dr. Birindelli from the univeristy of Bologna have large experience with

laparoscopic treatment of adhesive small bowel obstruction. They also participate in the first comparative trial of open vs. laparoscopic surgery for ASBO.

Intra- uterine adhesions (15 min)
To be announced

Hysteroscopic evaluation and treatment of adhesions.

Announcement of the winner of the best abstract competition (5 min)